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Fairfield in Bloom

June 29, 2022

Fairfield is a beautiful place to live. We benefit from many mature trees, green areas, orchards and meadows. There are already initiatives in place to protect and ensure the future of the orchards (see the Fairfield Orchards link) and we have a community garden where people who live on Fairfield can meet in a lovely environment and garden together.

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There are many opportunities to make our environment even more special and with our engagement in It’s Your Neighbourhood we are keen to build a real momentum and community engagement across Fairfield.

autumn webIt’s Your Neighbourhood is an RHS run scheme. With the support of Fairfield Parish Council and the engagement of the FPRA Fairfield are participating in this scheme, for the first time in 2022.

The objective is to raise the profile of our environment within the Fairfield Community and to give residents an opportunity to participate in local gardening and environment projects. 2022 is just the start We are seeking new project opportunities for 2023, and beyond. We are keen to develop projects that enable multi generational engagement, and give consideration to protecting and enhancing our environment.

urban parkPlease contact Sara Chickif you have a project that you would like to include within Fairfield Its Your Neighbourhood.

Please also contact us by email if you would like to get involved in some community gardening or in one of our projects (you choose how much time and how you get involved).

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