Fairfield Parish Council

Faulty Street Lamps and Bollards

faulty street lampposts

Failed lamps on posts on  roads adopted by Central Bedfordshire Council are repaired by that authority. These are easy to spot as they have a large CBC sticker on them. Please make a note of the street name and number and then use this link to report it. 

All other failures should be reported to the agent for the relevant management company.

FPRC faults should be reported to Scanlans, by using the form on the FPRA website.

FHMC faults should be reported by emailing Info@pandrmanagementservices.co.uk and kaylie.williams@fairfieldhall.net

Middlemarch only has bollards and any faults should be reported by emailing estate.management@satchells.co.uk 

The streetlights in Fairfield Garden are still the responsibility of Crest Nicholson as handover hasn’t taken place yet, however at some point this year the streetlights will be the responsibility of the management company and as such they will need to be reported to Preim via helpdesk@preim.co.uk .

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