Fairfield Parish Council


How to report a Crime

Call 999 if:

  1. a serious offence is in progress or has just been committed
  2. someone is in immediate danger or harm
  3. property is in danger of being damaged
  4. a serious disruption to the public is likely

Non-emergency crimes can be reported by calling 101 or report online using this link   

Protect your car from theft

The Police have warned us that organised crime is on the rise in this area especially for thefts of and from motor vehicles and are promoting the use of Faraday Bag Signal Blocker as these prevents car keys being cloned from outside the house. These have become popular to combat so-called relay theft – where thieves boost the signal from a car’s keyless entry fob to get into the vehicle without the key. The pouches contain a wire mesh, known as a Faraday cage, which can block radio signals from the keyless entry system. Please also remember that backup key fobs need protecting too.  The second key needs the same levels of protection applied as the one you use, or you could still have data stolen.

Other recommendations are:-

Don’t leave keys by the front door as fishing for vehicle keys through the letterbox is a prominent method of stealing them. Grabbing the signal will be easier for the thieves if the keys are near the front door.

Disable fobs – Some types of key fobs can be switched to disabled, so check your vehicle manual or ask your dealer for advice.

Install a tracker – Tracker systems can increase the chances of recovery of your vehicle if it is stolen.

Consider CCTV – The installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) which can be linked to your television or video to view your garden is an option. If you do decide to use CCTV it is important to read the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) advice on Domestic CCTV systems.

Where you can purchase items

The products detailed below can be found on the Secured by Design or the Sold Secure websites and have been accredited through the Police Preferred Specification scheme.

Steering wheel lock or Crook Lock  – Strong and effective full cover steering wheel security lock for cars and light commercial vehicles, which prevents vehicle from being driven.

Steering wheel lock cover – A steering wheel cover can cover a steering wheel of between 35-44cm in diameter.

Fob protector – Smart tamper proof fob protectors help your car from being stolen by signal cloning relay hacking attacks.

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