Fairfield Parish Council

Memorial Trees

A selection of fruit trees are available as a living memorial in a choice of locations in part of the West Orchard (Land on the South Side of Eliot Way). All the trees will be planted as saplings, so you and your family will have years of enjoyment watching your tree grow.

There will be a charge for the plaque, tree, stake, guard and planting labour.

The type of trees that are available are as follows:-

There are various places where trees can be planted and we’ll be happy to show you these to help you make your choice. A dedicated memorial tree comes with a wooden memorial plaque (maximum size 300 mm x 300 mm) and details may be viewed here

Full details can be found on our Memorial Tree Policy which can be downloaded here with the application form.

If you wish to discuss having a Memorial Tree, please get in touch with our Parish Clerk, Katrina Henshaw, on 07415 615225 or by email

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