Work to control smell progressing

July 25, 2017

tank 1Anglian Water have today confirmed that the three uncovered tanks have now been emptied and cleaned, as can be seen from the pictures alongside and below. The  water show in one of the tanks is rainwater that has accumulated through the weather but which is in the process of being cleared.

Tank 2The uncovered tanks have been the major source of the smell, according to experts.

AW also confirm that the groundworks of installing the new enclosed system has begun with work on the pipework and cabling. To minimise the risk of odour on Fairfield, work does not take place when the wind is in an easterly direction. This caused lost days last week (and inconvenience on Fairfield!) but was made up for by their contractors working this weekend.

Tank 3The new bloodhound system is also operative, this is electrically operated and hopefully less susceptible to the vagaries of the weather than the diesel driven one.


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