What’s in a Name?


The parish council is going to submit the suggestion that it be re-named Fairfield Village Council.

The discussion arose as part of Central Bedfordshire Councils Community Governance Review currently being undertaken by Central Bedfordshire Council.

In Central Bedfordshire we have either Town or Parish Councils. But the law states there can be other names and give Town, Community, Neighbourhood and Village Council as choices.

Some councillors believed that we should remain with the traditional “Parish” Council title, others like the idea of becoming a “Village” Council. The reasoning is that “Parish” has parochial connotations (currently Fairfield comes under the Stotfold St Mary’s Parochial Council) whereas “Village” is more modern and better reflects the young community of Fairfield.

As the council was fairly split on the decision we asked you for your views and by a narrow majority of 66-52 you decided on “Village.”

Whether it happens or not is down to the reult of the consulation. If Fairield is alone in the view then CBC are likely to maintain the titles “Town” and “Parrish”.


The other two choices in the poll were “Community” and “Neighbourhood” who polled 9 and 4 votes resectively.

Although the number of votes cast were 208, 77 votes were discounted. Twenty-four because they clicked on Vote but made no choice and were therefore void. The remaining 53 came from household who voted more than the permitted twice. One household tried to cast 27 votes, another 26 and a third 9. In each case only their first two votes were counted.