West Orchard

March 9, 2017

Work is going on at the far end (West Drive) of the West Orchard this week on the previous scrub land that was handed to the council by developer P J Livesey. This is the area where they proposed the building of two dormer bungalows which FPC and residents successfully opposed.

The CBC ecologist and our own insurers were unhappy as to what was contained in the large mound know to be from both PJ Livesey and Bovis work. They recommended its removal. The tree line along that stretch contained an abundance of self-seeding sycamores and these were detracting from the treeline itself that contains some magnificent holly trees.

The tree work has made a tremendous difference with the holly trees visible in their glory. Hopefully, with a bit of light and the right weather conditions they may reward us by producing berries next winter!

The experts were right to question the mound! Although, not complete we have unearthed a live manhole, an uncovered water hydrant and an adjacent meter box as well as numerous items that in no-way can be termed builders rubble.

When the weather warms up, that area will be seeded and it will quickly not look like a building site. Old maps show the Orchard stretched right down to West Drive and it is the council’s intention to reclaim the land for the Orchard by planting more trees in the autumn.

Remedial work on both Orchards is now complete for another year, apart for some clearing up of debris that will be carried out shortly.

Last modified: March 9, 2017

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