Vital Local Tradesman

Keeping our local traders alive is vital during this period!
The main milk delivery company for Fairfield, Marlow Dairy from Hitchin, also deliver a lot of groceries and other dairy products including eggs could be useful in time of emergency. However, demand is so great they have had to restrict this to milk for a short while. They deliver to Fairfield Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Contact 01462 455466.
Newspapers can be delivered daily via Letchworth Local on the Grange Estate. They too offer to deliver more than just newspapers. Contact 01462 337950.
Lower Wilbury Farm will be open next weekend, they are letting us know details of opening times etc. The public Lambing Day has been cancelled.
Thorne’s Nursery sell fresh vegetables and have the Potting Shed cafe that currently remains open. There is plenty of outdoor seating.
And we have Tesco in our midst with their friendly staff!
We would like to hear from mobile hairdressers who are still willing to operate!