Update on sewage smell

August 18, 2016

As a result of further smells being experienced recently a Parish Councillor visited the Sewage Treatment Works site and spoke to the AW site Manager to investigate why the odour has again occurred following the additional deodorising equipment being installed recently. He was informed that Monday’s problem was caused by one unit failing and when this was noticed they quickly repaired and restarted it.

We understand that AW is now running all storage tanks at below half capacity to try and further reduce the odour while the problem is further investigated and a more permanent solution identified.

He has also requested residents not to visit the site or walk around if they find the office unoccupied. The site gates cannot be locked due to vehicles entering and leaving and moving vehicles and equipment around the site.  AW have very strict health and safety rules which must be followed and they request you telephone AW if it is an urgent matter.

Residents should be minded this problem is not a quick fix its not as simple as turning a valve off or on,  changes have been made and others are in the process and more are being considered to help reduce the discomfort residents are suffering.

FPC will monitor and keep in contact with the site manger and will inform residents of changes being made to the site, and will be in contact with CBC officers for regular updates for the FPC meeting in September and onwards.

Last modified: August 18, 2016

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