Update on Sewage Smell affecting Fairfield residents

Sewerage Pipe

Many thanks to everyone who attended the public meeting last night and took the opportunity to express their views and concerns regarding the odour issues around Fairfield.

I hope residents feel that both the Parish Council and  Central Bedfordshire Council are supportive of their concerns and will work to resolve the problem, whatever it is, with Anglian Water.

As was pointed out at the meeting it is important that as much accurate evidence of the time, date and severity of the odour as possible be gathered to help the investigations into the problem.  This should be gathered in the form of diary sheets that some people are already keeping.  There is still time for others to start doing the same.

Councillor Steve Dixon spoke this morning with Debbie Gorry, who has asked that residents e-mail her for the diary sheets.  That way she can keep a track of their use and chase them up for return.  Can residents email her on “[email protected]”, requesting the sheets and setting their address?  Her contact number is 0300 300 5663.   Debbie is happy for the inclusion of a scale as we discussed last night.  This would start with a 1 if the faintest of odours is detected, through to a 5 if the odour is so bad residents have to lock themselves indoors.
Steve is always happy to take either email or a phone call.  His contact details are “[email protected]”  or 0300 300 8524.
Steve has also asked Debbie Gorry to look into installing some air monitoring equipment on Fairfield to back up the diary sheets.

As was noted last night CBC meet with Anglian Water on 7 September and we will update you of the outcome of the meeting once it is known

Phil Mitchinson, Chairman

Anglian Water Statement

Anglian Water have today issued the following statement that can be downloaded from this link.