Update from CBC on Sewage smell

September 13, 2016

At the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 8th September, Ward Member Councillor Steve Dixon reported

Action Plan & Situation Summary

  • Small number of diary sheets have been returned by residents. Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) is expecting more to be returned and these are very important to forming a robust evidence base for any enforcement action that we take in the future. CBC has been analysing these to establish trends and patterns I.e. Wind direction correlations etc.
  • Officers are continuing to undertake proactive monitoring visits to the area to gather evidence of odour impacts i.e. Location, strength and duration. CBC will be liaising with NHDC regarding monitoring that they may take in their district as we believe their nearest residents may be even more adversely affected.
  • CBC has requested technical information about changes in processes and odour management best practice from Anglian Water (AW) but this has not been forthcoming as yet.
  • CBC will be looking to arrange a meeting with AW, NHDC and CBC in the next few weeks to review the situation and discuss what AW’s long-term odour management strategy will be.
  • CBC understand that the original odour masking equipment has been replaced by a Blood hound system that has been installed by AW on site
  • Councillor Dixon may contact NHDC opposite number & The RT Hon Alistair Burt, MP to get their support where deemed appropriate/necessary.
  • CBC to get expert advice on works that can be undertaken to abate odour. This may be important should it be deemed necessary/appropriate to take formal enforcement action in the matter I.e. Service of an abatement notice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This action will only be taken where we feel we have sufficiently robust evidence to defend any appeal etc.
  • Councillor Dixon to attend meeting with AW.
  • Councillor Dixon to update post Parish Council meeting this week.

Last modified: September 13, 2016

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