Fairfield Parish Council

Two more Defibrillators for Fairfield

June 9, 2022

Defibrilator at Harlington HouseDefibrillators have been installed on the wall of the Fairfield Hall compound and on the waste bin store at Harlington House on Fairfield Gardens.
Both have been provided by the Council and will be an aid to both areas. Previously, the only defibrillator on Fairfield was the one outside the Tesco store. However, in an emergency it has been shown that lives can be saved if the shock from the defibrillator is given within 10 minutes of a heart attack.
The Council will be running a further training course on CPR shortly. However, in emergency this is the procedure one should follow.
Dial 999 and outline the emergency to the operator and give your location. The operator will give you the code to open the box of the defibrillator. Detach it from the holder and take it to the patient. Throughout the operator will be giving you advice as to CPR and when to use the machine. The machine itself gives you full instructions on how to use it.

Last modified: September 12, 2022

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