Fairfield Parish Council

Smiley faces for Fairfield

July 27, 2022

We have successfully bid for match funding from Central Bedfordshire Council to place a Speed Indicator Device (SID) – more commonly knows as Smiley Faces – on Hitchin Road.

Early in each year CBC Highways ask councils to submit highways projects for match funding and we put forward a proposal for SID and other signage. There is a national criteria laid down for the provision of these which resulted in CBC carrying our speed tests along the Hitchin Road near its junction with Kingsley Avenue.

The test was hampered by road works involving temporary control traffic lights. This meant that speeds were judged over a shorter time than recommended. We passed the test for traffic travelling north but were marginally outside for the one going south. Currently, this means we will be getting only one Smiley Face but we have taken the issue up with CBC and are hopeful that we can have one in each direction.

It is hoped that they will be installed later this year.

Last modified: September 12, 2022

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