Sewage smell on Fairfield

Sewerage Pipe

The council has been monitoring for the past two months the many complaints from residents about the smell of sewage.

In association with Central Bedfordshire Councillor, Steve Dixon, there has been frequent discussions with Anglian Water regarding the problem. Councillors have also visited the Letchworth Sewage Works to see for themselves the efforts they are making to solve the problem They were also been shown a module map that has been created of the various zones that would be affected depending on the wind direction.

Anglian Water recently installed two deodoriser machines which they hoped would solve the problem. Despite their efforts complaints have persisted.

As a results the Council has today sent the following letter to the Environmental Health Officer at Central Bedfordshire Council:

On behalf of Fairfield residents’ the Parish Council have concerns regarding the problem of a foul smell which has been prevalent for prolonged periods for several months.  This has become particularly bad over the last eight weeks. It is believed to be issuing from the sewage works on Hitchin Road adjacent to Fairfield. 

 It has now become such an issue that residents are frequently having to close windows and doors and stay indoors.  This has prevented them from enjoying the summer and allowing children to play in the green spaces in and around Fairfield as the smell has been unbearable on several evenings. 

Previous discussions with Anglian Water resulted in them installing temporary remedial measures using deodorising equipment which had some effect when first installed. This weekend however the foul odour returned.

 We ask that you investigate the cause of the problem and take the necessary steps to ensure a permanent solution is put in place. Thus allowing residents living within Fairfield and the surrounding areas to suffer this no longer.   Our Ward Councillors Brian Saunders  and Steve Dixon have been made aware and have been asked by this Council to ensure an investigation is made as a matter of urgency.   We do not want the problem to have an impact on the planned new school and new housing development on the adjacent site to the sewage plant.

 We have also received the following email from Anglian Water:

We are aware that there are a large amounts of complaints are coming in regarding Letchworth WRC, from the residents of Fairfield Park, I would like to assure you are doing everything we can to help reduce the odour.

 We would like to apologise for the odour that is being experienced coming from the Water Recycling Centre, We can confirm that the odour abatement equipment is running as it should be and there have been no faults in this, but due to the extreme heat we are experiencing at the moment, this is contributing to the odour coming from the site.  All of the equipment is running as continuously as possible and we have another unit on order which will be fitted as soon as it arrives this week and this will help alleviate the issue.

 We have also had technicians attend the site and there are no operational issues and everything is running as it should be.

 We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued patience.