Request for residents to keep logs of sewage smell on Fairfield

Sewerage Pipe

In order to help resolve the ongoing problem of the foul smell effecting Fairfield. The Parish Council and Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) have again visited the site, during that visit CBC Enforcement Officers, noted that adjacent fields had some muck spreading carried out, they felt mindful this could also be partly the cause of the smell. The officers will be continuing to liaise with Anglian Water as they look at devising and implementing a more long term odour management strategy for the si

During April and May several residents complained to CBC and were asked to keep and diary sheet of when they could detect the smell. if you were one of these residents and have completed the sheet can you please return it to CBC Pollution Team, these form evidence which is important as part of the investigations and helps establish that the odour it is more than a one off occurrence and may help to identify problems at particular stages of the process at the sewage treatment works etc.

If any residents have not previously raised a complaint but wish to do so and receive a diary sheet, to help assist in the investigation please contact [email protected] or complete an online complaint form at

Residents are asked to contact CBC when the odour arises and also affects them in their homes, so an officer can try and visit the area to investigate the problem at the time. Please use the email above or telephone 0300 300 8302. CBC have two Nuisance Co-ordinators who will look to respond where they can and investigate further.

These diary sheets will act to provide dates and locations, and where any formal action is required these will provided evidence and support the actions being taken by CBC.