READER, Shawn David

Shawn Reader

Born and schooled locally in Hitchin. Moved to Fairfield in 2007 with a young family and have watched them grow and flourish in a neighbourly and safe community. I am inspired by the team that formed the inaugural council and am in admiration at what they have done for the community and what they have achieved for Fairfield in a relatively short space of time. I recognise that this effort takes a toll and now my family has grown up it’s time to step up and give one of the councillors a bit of a rest.

I believe that people are genuinely proud to live and say they live on Fairfield and I want to help the council carry on the good work that has helped to foster this sentiment. I already have a reasonably broad network of contacts and acquaintances on The Park having been an early committee member of Fairfield Youth Club and have a reasonable understanding of the needs of the wider community from young to old.

Having been in business for many years I have driven change, helped others to develop and sought continuous improvement. I aim to utilise these skills to help continue to shape Fairfield into an ever more wonderful place to live.