Proposed works to the Western Bridleway

Public Bridleway

Some residents have been written to with advice of, and to seek their opinions on, some proposed works Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) is planning along the Western Bridleway from the waste water pumping station to West Drive.

These proposed works are to improve access for pedestrians and remove the risk of standing mud and water.

If these works are agreed, FPC will advise as soon as confirmed dates are received. The proposed works are detailed below.

Section 1, A-B
CBC is proposing to create a 3m wide planed surface path with a granite dusted top between points A-B.

Section 2, C-D
CBC is proposing to create a 1.8m planed surface with granite dusted top to the side of the asphalt path at points C-D.

CBC has confirmed that the path height will not be higher than the existing height of the soil path. All dug out material will be removed off-site.

The formal legal line of the bridleway will have to close during the works.

If you have any objections or support of this work, please send them to the parish clerk at the above address by 11th November 2021, with permission for your comments and contact details to be forwarded to CBC.

Please do not hesitate to contact FPC if you require any additional information.