Please Report Anti Social Behaviour

September 1, 2022

anti social behaviourThe hot weather has made it enjoyable for many especially as we have been able to take in the environment in which we live and love.

It means that windows have been open and that for many it has been a life outside instead of indoors. Noise travels, however, bringing with it an increase in complaints of anti-social behaviour.

We all have a right to enjoy ourselves, but we also must continue to be considerate to ones’ neighbours. It’s always best to have a quiet word with your neighbour if continual noise is affecting your right to enjoyment, as they are probably not meaning to cause a disturbance and unaware that they are upsetting you.

However, sometimes it is not possible to get a satisfactory outcome, and we urge you to report all matters of unacceptable behaviour to the correct authorities. Remember, they cannot act unless they are made aware, and it is best to complain as individuals rather than as a group.

To complain to the police, use the 999 service in the extreme case that you think someone is in danger. But they also have a 101 service for reporting less urgent matters. If the Police control room is experiencing a busy time this can mean a frustrating time spent on the telephone trying to get through.

Bedfordshire Police also have an online method of 101 reporting. Just go to their website, and on the front pages there is link to the 101 reporting.

Excessive noise from music, DIY at unreasonable hours, and bright lights can be reported to the Environment team at Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC). It is a very long link to copy, so the easiest way is to click on Environment services on the front page of their website ( and then go down and click on the link to domestic pollution.

Let’s keep Fairfield the happy, safe place it is and by working together we can win over the few.

Last modified: September 12, 2022

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