Fairfield Parish Council


Planning permission is generally required for any new development within the parish and for certain extensions to existing properties.

 Control of the planning process is the responsibility of Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC).  All details on when an application is required, how to make an application and how to comment on an application can be found on the CBC website www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/planning .

Fairfield Parish Council are informed of every planning application made within the parish and have a 30 day consultation period in which to comment on the application.  In order to respond within that period the Parish Council have nominated three members whose responsibility it is to comment on the application.

It is not within the Parish Councils powers to approve or not any planning application, only to make comment as to their suitability in regard to planning matters.  Only Central Bedfordshire Council have the authority to make the decision whether to grant approval or refusal of the application.

Planning issues

The planning members can only take into account issues that are proper planning issues.

Generally these are as follows:

  • Amenity – impact on neighbours’ such as overlooking, loss of daylight, overbearing impact, noise and disturbance, pollution.
  • Design – impact on building, site, street scene etc.  Is it in keeping with the surrounding area?
  • Highways – suitability of access, parking, manoeuvring space, effect on traffic generation.
  • Policies – are there any government policies or policies in the Local Development Framework which are relevant?  Does the application reflect the future Neighbourhood Plan.
  • History – any previous permissions on the site or nearby.
  • Listed Building and conservation issues

How FPC deals with planning applications

Three councillors nominated by the Parish Council consider each application during the consultation period identified by Central Bedfordshire Council. In exceptional circumstances the whole Parish Council may want to consider a major application.

Details of each application are shown on the website.  Comments can be made to the parish through the Clerk.  This can be done by e-mail only or by e-mail and arranging to meet an advisor at a convenient time.  Depending on the size of the application, and the level of interest, then a public meeting would be arranged and announced on the website.


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