Parish Council Comments on the CBC Proposals

February 22, 2018

The deadline for comments to the second stage of the consultation to Central Bedfordshire’s Local Plan has now closed.

May we thank all those who made their comments known to CBC. It is essential that comments come from the whole community, and not just the Parish Council, for the Government appointed Planning Inspector to take any notice.

The Parish Council has sent a printed copy of our agent’s, CSA Environmental, detailed proposals to CBC. CSA Environmental has also made representations on our behalf to CBC.

That report was discussed during an extended public participation section at Monday’s special Parish Council meeting (February 19). Since then there has been many text changes to the document to both reflect comments made at that meeting, but also to take on board the comments of our solicitors, Blandy and Blandy.

The final version can be downloaded from this link. We hope you agree with us that not only expresses our strong concerns at the proposals, but also gives one example of how CBC can achieve their aim, while at the same time leaving intact the idyllic countryside we currently enjoy.

Last modified: February 22, 2018

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