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New smell to blight us! Plus latest from Anglian Water

September 2, 2017

Beware! There is a new smell that is affecting the eastern fringes of Fairfield

Several people have been reporting a “different”, but still unpleasant smell on Fairfield. This has been noticeable around and from the A507 roundabout down to Eliot Way.

Fairfield Parish Council’s consultant, Derek Manning, has tracked this down to the Biogen Food Digestion plant in Bygrave, near Baldock. This has now been taken up with North Herts District Council and any complaints from Fairfield residents should be directed at their Environmental health team, not Central Bedfordshire Council.

This was discussed at the fortnightly update meeting at the Letchworth Recycling works. At the meeting, Anglia Water reported that the roof was going on one of the tanks this weekend and that the second one would be covered next weekend.

On the new digestion plant, the foundations are now in and the pipework is now going in. The work had got behind but they have picked up a week and are confident of solving the problem with the timescale laid down by CBC in the Abatement Notice.

Last modified: September 2, 2017

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