New Sewage Odour

Picture of water treatment centre

The council has been aware for several weeks of a new sewage smell. This is emanating from the area of the new building works on the former Pig Testing Station down to the area of the new school.

This matter was taken up by Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) and urgent meetings have taken place between the developers, Anglian Water and CBC.

We are confident that the odour is not coming from the Letchworth Water Recycling Works.

Investigations have shown that some of the cottages along Hitchin Road are served by what was a private pumping station. Groundworks for the new builds has also uncovered inspection chambers which contain sewage.

All private pumping stations (and there are thousands throughout the country) have since last year been the responsibility of the water company whose area they are in. The problem facing those water companies is that many of the stations have never been mapped and locations are unknown.

The smell is unacceptable and we have therefore re-opened the reporting lines of communication. The odour is noticeable from approximately the new school to the former Pig Testing Station in Hitchin Road. If you smell this you are urged to report it, together if possible, with the wind direction to one of the following addresses by email.

Jane Mann

Debbie Gorry