New Fairfield Park Lower School Update

Fairfield Lower School

Central Bedfordshire Council issued the following Press Release on Thursday, October 13,on an update to the building of the new Fairfield Park Lower School.

As the Executive member for Education, I am happy to say that the council is continuing to work very closely with the developers on the additional school site for Fairfield Park Lower School.

This is a school site that is needed to meet the local basic need in the parish. Fairfield Parish remains a popular place for young families to start a home and the council has seen this pattern in its annual review of the forecast for school places. Fairfield Park Lower School took an additional reception class this year (September 2016) and will take an additional Reception class in September 2017. Both these cohorts will move to the new school site in 2017.

I know that high level designs and a programme for the build of the school are progressing and further detailed design work between the council, Fairfield Park Lower School and the developers design team will start to look at the specifications for the internal use of space and the phased handover of the building to the school.

I am excited that we have manged to secure a school site for the parish and as the houses in the development start to become occupied I believe that the school will become an important part of the local community. As is the case for all school builds, you don’t notice any work on the school site until one day you see the frame appear, then the roof and windows. I know investigative work on the school site has already been undertaken and the programme of works, whilst tight, we will be able to provide the accommodation needed for the children in 2017. I am looking forward to the opening of the new site in 2017.

Cllr Steve Dixon