Nature Trail for the Orchards

Three years of hard graft by experts and volunteers has seen our treasured Orchards go from an overgrown and unkempt wilderness to well managed sites that are getting admiration from experts in the field. One such expert is coming along to talk about the Orchard heritage in the East of England

One of the main aims in the restoration was to make them educational, not just for children but for adults as well. As part of the Etonbury Greenwheel project, the Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC), CBC and ourselves we have been working on information boards and a nature trail for youngsters. These will include a seat in each orchard where the slats will have identification on them of the various trees.

We will have display board on show for you all to see and comment!

Telephone box library

The base is due to go down this week and the telephone box will be delivered soon after. Then it will need fitting out before it becomes a lend and borrow library.

Urban Park facelift

This is a Fairfield Park Residents Company project being carried out at the instigation of the Fairfield Park Residents Association. Work is due to start mid-April and will take about a month during which time the area will be fenced off. But when complete it will offer an area for charity stalls, farmers markets and the suchlike, a stage at the bowls club end for various entertainments. Plus, there will green areas for all to enjoy!

Although not our project there will be plans on display and the FPRA representatives will welcome comment.

Please make a diary note and come along to the Community Hall in Kipling Crescent. It promises to be an interesting night!

Bribery Note: A sample of the 2017 vintage of Fairfield Cider will be on offer at the end of the meeting!