Message to all residents

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The parish council is fully aware of the different opinions residents have on how the play areas are proposed to be improved by FPRA so they are more inclusive for all children.
Naturally, people feel quite strongly about some of these proposals (some in favour and some against) and everyone has the right to have their opinions heard.
Unfortunately, some people have resorted to totally inappropriate bullying, threats and intimidation.

The parish council is here to represent all the residents of Fairfield and is always happy to listen to all opinions, concerns and ideas.
However, we will not tolerate any bullying, threats or any form of intimidation of anyone and if this happens, we will inform the appropriate authorities so action can be taken.

We all live in this community together and there may be times when people have different opinions. These opinions can all be heard without bullying, threats or intimidation.

Please all be kind to one another and together our community can stay the happy and safe place we all chose to live in.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Councillors Nick Andrews (Chair), Amanda Hunt (Vice Chair), Barrie Dack, Penny Daffarn, Vinesh Khatwa, Shawn Reader and Nick Reynolds and Katrina Henshaw (Clerk)
7th May 2021