Lower School Crossing Dangers

Fairfield Lower School

Fairfield Parish Council and Fairfield Lower School are both fully aware and extremely concerned of the potential threat to the safety of the children attending the lower school and are working together to attempt to minimise the risk to children attending the school.

Both parties have been working individually and more recently together to explore all the potential opportunities to minimise that risk with both the developers and Central Bedfordshire Council now that Dickens Boulevard is adopted.

Following consideration of all the potential solutions there are two that are deemed most practical and realistic to pursue. These are:

  • The further investigation of a lollipop person controlled crossing  of Dickens Boulevard.  This is being pursued once again by the school having been initially discounted by CBC as unviable.
  • The restriction of continuous parking in the lay-by immediately in front of the school by the Parish Council with CBC backing.

The results of the investigations are still awaited

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