Long Service Award for John

July 27, 2022

Middlemarch resident and retiring chair of the Fairfield Scouts, John Turner, has been awarded and received the Bar to the Award for Merit and Certificate for more than 30 years service to Scouts

John has been at the forefront of building the Fairfield Scouts from its small beginnings to the thriving group it is today.

John Turnerv3His award caps a lifetime of scouting for John that began when he joined his local troop in Leagrave, Luton in 1963 and he has retained his interest throughout. He became a Venture Scout and achieved a Queens Scout Award in 1967, subsequently becoming a scout leader in 1970. He then was appointed Assistant District Commissioner for the area before relinquishing that position in 1979 to become a scout leader again in a different area of Luton “I preferred to be more actively involved with actual scouting”, he said.

He had a break from active scouting when he and his wife moved to Fairfield in 2006. After retirement in 2012 he was lured back when the 1st Fairfield Group was formed in 2013 and formally got underway the following February.

He is justly proud of the work he and others have done in building the Fairfield Scouts into what it is today. Then, there were about 40 beavers and cubs and an almost continual cry for more leaders so that the group could expand as it quickly had a long waiting list.

Fortunately, volunteers have stepped forward and they now have a strong team of leaders. But they need more! Another Cub Section planned, as there is a long waiting list.

Today, thanks to John and his team, Fairfield caters for more than 80 children in two beaver colonies, and a cub and a scout section. With some Fairfield youngsters obtaining the Chief Scouts Award it shows that the longevity of the Fairfield scouts is achieving its aim.

Although he is stepping down as Chair of the 1st Fairfield Park Scout Group, he is remaining on the committee.

Our picture shows John receiving his award from the former Biggleswade District Commissioner, Jan Brooker.

If you would like to get involved in the 1st Fairfield Scouts please take a look at their entry under “Local Organisations”.

Last modified: September 12, 2022

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