Latest Smell Update

Sewage smell
CBC are investigating other locations which may be the source of the new odour, residents can either contact Central Bedfordshire Council when they detect the odour and or the Environment Agency who have a 24hr telephone hot line (0800 80 70 60), where they will give a reference number for the complaint and contact number for any follow up the resident if they wish to do.
Upon receipt of a complaint the local area Environment Agency team will be notified and they will investigate and make a report that could take 10 days to do and before it is available to the public.
Several people have remarked that the new smell is like rotting vegetables. This could point directly, or indirectly, to the new Biogen food waste recycling site near Baldock. This site is outside of CBC responsibility and they require North Herts Council to investigate. We have written to Biogen asking for their comment.