Latest Nasty Smell Detected on Fairfield

Sewage smell

Many have complained about the smell that blighted many of us from Friday and through the weekend.

Having experienced so much trouble over the past two years, it is easy to blame the Sewage Works. However, FPC contacted Letchworth Water Recycling works on Friday, who stated that all their equipment was in full working order.

The difference between this and previous smells, was that it was experienced over a very wide area. People in Baldock, the south-eastern side of Letchworth and in Arlesey all reported the same smell.

FPC has also checked the wind directions at the weekend and it is very unlikely that the Sewage Works was the cause.

The autumn and this time of year is when farmers spread “muck” on their fields and it is more likely that they are the culprits.

However, at our request Central Bedfordshire Council’s Environmental Officers have been out in the area investigating and we await their report.

Anglian Water has also been out with their monitoring equipment, following our complaints, and will make their observations known to FPC.