Last Night’s Incident (April 21)

A big thank you to all those who ventured out early on Monday to clear away the broken glass and other debris following Sunday night’s “invasion” by youths from a wide area. An early morning inspection of Fairfield showed the main affected areas, the cricket ground and the Urban park, were all clear of glass.

There are the odd pockets throughout Fairfield where broken bottles remain. A thank you to those residents who have been clearing them away when discovered. Dog walkers and young children can move around in safety thanks to the communities efforts with Fairfield once again looking pristine.

Could those with home CCTV in the area please view their footage from last night. If you think there is anything that would be of interest to the police, please offer it to them via 101. Please DO NOT share it on social media. This is now a police matter.

A group of well-meaning people did act as vigilantes. While this was well intentioned it is not recommended. It is best to leave it to the police.

Many of you used the 101 non-urgent police number last night. However, once it had escalated it was a case for 999 calls. Bedfordshire were well supported by Hertfordshire Police and the Dog unit last night.

Fairfield does not have the number of youths that invaded our peaceful spaces last night. We are aware that they came from a wide area. However, parents whose offspring were out last night should question them as to what they were doing.

Fairfield is amongst those with the lowest crime rate areas in Central Bedfordshire. Sadly, whatever security we take no-one can prevent this from happening.