HURLEY, Matthew Stuart

Matthew Hurley

My name is Matthew Stuart Hurley and I am standing for nomination as a Parish Councillor for Fairfield Parish Council.

I moved to Fairfield Gardens nearly 16 months ago with my wife and what really impressed me about the area is the sense of community instilled within Fairfield, which was something we had never experienced in our previous homes. 

I am a research scientist working on HIV and Emerging Pathogens at the National Institute for Biological Medicines and Control (NIBSC) which is part of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). I am also an active and vocal member of several committees in the Agency, primarily as a representative for all scientific staff. I therefore have experience in the machinations of Government and localised Task and Finish Groups. My scientific work has given me the skills to scrutinise the detail of issues at hand whilst my involvement in Agency-wide committees has given me the knowledge and understanding of the bigger picture when making decisions.

Although I have no political persuasion, I feel that it is important to make a difference not only in my work environment but also within my community. I believe I can utilise all of my professional and personal skills as a Fairfield Parish Councillor to make decisions that benefit not just Fairfield Gardens but Fairfield as a whole. I also want to ensure the positivity of the Fairfield community is maintained as it grows to welcome more residents to the area.