Harlington House

Harlington House

An application to remove the Over-55s only provision for buyers of apartments at Harlington House has been refused by Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) Planners.

This is the second time agents on behalf of Fairfield Gardens developer, Crest Nicholson, has made an application for the provision to be removed. The first was refused by Councillors, this one by officers.

In their refusal the council say that the provison for over 55s is necessary to meet their balanced housing requirements throughout Central Bedfordshire.

Fairfield Parish Council held a public meeting at Baycroft to discuss the application in January when the proposal was roundly objected to by existing Harlington House residents and other residents of Fairfield Gardens.

The CBC rejection letter can be downloaded from this link and the details of the CBC internal inquiries from this link.

Crest Nicholson has a right of appeal against the decision.