Gritting Run Today (December 28)

Our Tractor Gritter

We will be doing a full gritting run on the roads and footpaths around Fairfield this afternoon.

The weather forecast for the area is in a “maybe” state regarding snow and ice, but we have decided to err on the side of caution and have authorised our ground maintenance men, Hislop Horticulture, to carry out the run.

Pet owners are never happy with this, but veterinary advice is that paws should be washed after walks to remove the salt and grit.

Bottle Banks

Our bottle banks are overflowing with people dumping bottles on the ground. Please, please do not do this, take them back home and wait for the bins to be emptied. Alternatively take your empties to tidy tips in Biggleswade or Letchworth. Central Bedfordshire’s waste operatives deserve a Christmas break as well as us, however, it slows their round down considerably if they have to clear the ground and it means they often cannot finish.

Waste collection

A reminder that both this week and next, Wednesday is bin collection day as well as for food waste. This week it is green bins and next black.