Further Update on Sewage smell from CBC

Sewerage Pipe

The following update from Central Bedfordshire Council was given to Fairfield Parish Council by ward member, Cllr Steve Dixon, at the meeting on Thursday, October 13.

Officers monitoring the odour at Fairfield on Wednesday and Thursday, October 6 and 7 did witness strong odour (level 3/4) outside resident’s houses and Anglian Water were informed straight away that this had been witnessed on Wednesday. We also spoke to the Thames Water Service Delivery Manager on site regarding the bio solids spreading on the land off the A507 to the north of Fairfield. Thames Water delayed the spreading on Wednesday 5th October because of concerns that the wind would push odour towards a school in Arlesey and the bio solids were spread and immediately ploughed in on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The bio solids were digested cake and the smell is different to raw sludge. Thames Water originally notified N Herts because the farm is in their district but has agreed to notify CBC of spreading if the land is in our area in future.

Anglian Water have installed the new odour neutralising equipment on the sludge storage tank but are still waiting for the delivery of the extra nozzles which will give better coverage of the tank surface. They have also advised us that they had a site meeting on Friday last week looking at more permanent solutions with a number of attendees from various departments. To aid in the decision making process on the best way to minimise odours from the plant they raised an order for a number of odour loggers that will be placed in specific areas on site. Then after a set time they will be returned for the data to be processed and this information will then be added to the site odour model. This would enable the effect of different control measures to be put into the model to see which additional control measures would be the most effective.

In the meantime we would still like residents to complete diary sheets, continue to notify Anglian Water when the smell is bad but also contact us so we can attempt to witness the smell at their property. This will help us to obtain evidence on the extent of the problem residents are experiencing in their homes. It will also assist with targeting monitoring to see what difference the new odour neutralising system makes.