FPC Responses to Questions raised by Inspector

May 29, 2019

FPC will be represented by CSA Environmental and Solicitors Blandy and Blandy  at the inquiry on the two days when the two issues we are concerned about will come under the inquiry’s microscope.
Our Consultants have also prepared and submitted robust answers to the questions raised by the Inspectors.
The questions and our responses can be downloaded from the following two links. Document A deals with the questions raised on Policy SA3, the proposals to build 2,000 houses on Land East of Arlesey that affects our green space between Fairfield and Arlesey. Document B deals with Policy SP5, Preventing Coalescence and Creating Important Countryside Gaps and argues the case that Fairfield should have been included in this policy.
The inquiry is being at CBC Offices at Chicksands. It is open to the Public to go along and observe. The two diary dates are June 18 when SA3, Land East of Arlesey is the main agenda item and July 24 for Policy SP5, important countryside gaps.

For newcomers to Fairfield or those who need to refresh their memories, the final version of our original proposals can be downloaded from this link. We hope you agree with us that all our responses not only expresses our strong concerns at the proposals, but also gives one example of how CBC can achieve their aim, while at the same time leaving intact the idyllic countryside we currently enjoy.

Last modified: May 29, 2019

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