Fairfield Parish Council

FPC Response to CBC Livesey Application for Eliot Way

January 16, 2016

After meeting with residents On January 7  the parish council made the following comments to CBC on the proposal:
  • Concern regarding the access to the site.  Eliot Way is very narrow, has little in the way of adequate street lighting or footpaths.  Adequate car parking must be provided within the site as any overspill onto Eliot Way would be a huge problem.
  • The provision of 18 bungalows would seem to be the correct density for the site and its location.  However if the principle of residential is approved any change to the house type and increase in numbers would be unacceptable.
  • Concern that the extending of the settlement boundary for this scheme is not just the start of further expansion in the future.
  • Concern that any S106 agreement or individual agreement tied to the site is adequately worded in a way that is enforceable.
  • Concern that the proposals noted in the ecological assessment are implemented.

Last modified: August 18, 2022

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