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FPC Land Transfer Proposals

May 8, 2017

Negotiations are continuing between FPC and the directors of the Fairfield Hall Management Company (FHMC) over boundaries for the proposed transfers of areas of land from the freeholder, Hotbed Investments to ourselves.

FHMC’s proposals were given to the FPC meeting in March. FPC responded to them in a letter dated April 21 from chairman, Cllr Chris Bidwell.

The areas have all been numbered and can be identified a plan that can be downloaded from this link. The key proposals are listed here. The complete letter can be downloaded from this link.

Area 13 (Hitchin Road from Kingsley Avenue to Eliot Way) – FPC believe it would be easier to follow the existing boundary line of the wall and bring it straight across to a point at the pedestrian gate. Alternatively, it could follow a line in front of the tree line and to the edge of Kingsley Avenue. FPC’s main objective is to keep the area as one so that the grass is all maintained by one contractor to keep the area looking tidy. If FHMC want to keep the trees to maintain the privacy the trees offer when in leaf, FPC suggest having a clear boundary in front of the trees.

Area 3a (Tree line from Kingsley Avenue to Palmerston Way) These trees are covered by TPOs so cannot be removed without permission. If the land is transferred to FPC, the plan would be to leave the trees and just clear away the debris left by the developers and residents. FPC has no plans to remove trees and again respects the need for shielding. However, if FHMC wish to keep and maintain the area, FPC has no objections to this.

Area 3a (The cricket club car park area) – The car park is overgrown and requires maintenance, FPC would clear the area make good the surface where needed, mark out spaces to provide organised parallel inline parking. FPC have no intention to create access from Palmerston Way to the car park or from any other point, this would not be acceptable to residents of that road or any other residential road. Both clubs pay the Hall for the use of the car park and they have the right of use. The use is limited to the few months of the year for both clubs. Should this area be transferred FPC, it would clear the site of debris, mark the area out so parking is defined and consider installing gates to the car park to prevent unlawful use. Other improvements to the car park access could be made to control unlawful use FPC are aware this may have an impact on the halls car parking areas and are willing to discuss these measures and work towards how if agreed control could be managed.

Area 3 (Tennis Court) – If FHMC wish to keep this area then the section 106 agreement would have to be met by them and FHMC will need to carry out repairs to the court and fencing. FPC has offered to Hotbed to take over the responsibility of the 106 requirements. FPC is looking at other areas to build a new court and games area and the need to have a tennis court in that location would not be required, and it would most likely become redundant as the new area could provide better facilities.

The area between the tennis court fence and orchard and to the rear of the tennis court – As FHMC wish to keep this area, FPC suggest that the new boundary line follow the old fence line that runs alongside the tennis court to a point where gates could be installed for the car park. This would allow FHMC to keep control of the court, but allow the tree and orchards to be managed. The trees provide shielding and wind breaks to residents in Palmerston and Russell Walk and at no location can these be seen from the halls and offer no screening to them.

Area 14 (Footpath rear of school) – FPC do not wish to increase its width to make it a road. This would not be possible due to the trees along one side being protected by TPO’s (to increase the road width would take it too close to the trees and CBC would not allow that). If FPC owned this footpath, FPC would pay towards some form of barrier to be installed on the halls side to prevent vehicle movements between Kingsley and Hardy Way.

Area 6 (The old road off Hardy Way) – FPC’s intention is use this road for additional school and community centre parking and there would be a need to install lighting in that area. This would not have any effect on the hall residents due to its distance from the building and several rows of mature trees and shrubs between them.

Area 5 (Footpath between the Community Hall and the school) – FPC suggest either asking land registry to move the boundary line at a cost to FPC or to have an agreement in place between all parties before any transfer happens. FPC would like to install some lighting on this path and this would have no impact on apartments. It would improve safety in that area for all residents.

Area 7 (Tree line between the Hall and orchard (Area between the car park top of Kingsley, round to the walled garden of the hall) – FPC believe that an existing boundary line already exists by a fence line from the corner of the walled garden though the trees, it stops about 30 metres into the trees. FPC suggest replacing that fence, extend it round to the effective point where the footpaths meet at the top of Kingsley. This allows FHMC to keep a large number of the mature trees and shrubs and FPC to keep some trees and shrubs to shield the fence. Where gaps in the trees exist, FPC propose planting new trees or shrubs to improve shielding to the halls.

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