Fairfield Parish Council

Fairfield’s First Apple Day

Fairfield’s first Apple Day is on Saturday October 3 starting at 1:30 behind the Community Hall

Who doesn’t like apples? Children love them, adults love them, Eve was a big fan, they have come to symbolise love, knowledge, and temptation. We also heard that one-a-day keeps the doctor away!

Our Apple day will be a family festivity celebrating the apple harvest and offering everyone an opportunity to show their support for our orchards.

You can sample apple varieties and products and you’ll be able to witness and help out in apple pressing and juicing. There will be the chance to try traditional games such as an apple peeling competition and apple bobbing. A traditional pig roast will add smell and flavour, and sustain us in our apple-picking efforts.

Would you like to have a stall on Apple Day? We welcome crafts and home made food stalls. If at all possible we do ask for an apple theme. Even a single cake for the cake stall would be very welcome. Are you a local group that would like to promote yourselves? Perhaps you could run an apple themed game?

Contact us by email from this link.

Help will be needed the week before the event to start to pick apples (the more we collect the more cider and juice we can make!) Store the apples at home and bring them along on the day. A professional team will show us how to turn the apples into juice, which eventually will end up as cider to share within our community.

On the day help will be needed to continue to collect apples, to cut up apples for the press, to supervise the children’s bouncy castle, face painting and temporary tattoo fixing.

If you’d like to contribute in any way, contact us by emailing this link.

Even if you can’t contribute come along and join in the fun, support the Fairfield community, support the orchards and make Apple Day a wonderful family day.

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