Dickens Boulevard Roundabout Design Competition

Fairfield Parish Council announce a competition for the regeneration of the Dickens Boulevard Roundabout and are inviting designs from Fairfield children and residents.

This roundabout is the main gateway at the entrance to Fairfield. It comprises as its centre piece the impressive oak tree that is an iconic view of Fairfield and the first impression that most people have when they arrive. It also includes the trees and hedges on the immediate outside of the roundabout.

The outside of the roundabout consists of eight trees and hedging that are symmetrical. One of the trees died and has been removed, but under the council’s Tree Replacement Policy must be replanted.

The design should include the planting of the central bed and planters around the oak tree, and the four beds on the outside of the roundabout. Competitors must take into account the councils Tree Replacement Policy. There is no intention to remove the central oak tree.

The competition is open to all Fairfield residents and competitors will be in one of two categories: 

  1. Your persons (under 18 years of age) 
  2. Adults (18 years and over)

Designs will need to be submitted by 6pm on Monday 3 September 2019. The submission must be initially by email, but any drawings, large plans or models can be submitted by special arrangement.

The competition will be judged by a panel comprising a qualified urban designer, interested residents and parish councillors, and assisted by a representative of Hislop’s Horticulture Ltd. The winning designer will be notified personally and the official announcement will be made at the parish council meeting on Thursday 12 September 2019. The designs will be judged on originality, colour and maintenance.

The area comes under the responsibility of the Highways Dept. of Central Beds Council (CBC). However FPC now have the opportunity to regenerate and reshape the iconic entrance to Fairfield Park. Funding will be sought from FPC funds and efforts will be made to source other possible funding.The project will be funded by the parish council.

A reward will be given to the winning designer, which may include the erection of a plaque with the winners name. There will be a prize for both categories of entrant.

The location of the roundabout is on the highway and as such there are safety concerns with any work being carried out and access to the central bed. The work will be carried out by the grounds maintenance contractor or another qualified company after a risk assessment has been carried out. For the competition, access to the central bed will be under the direction of a responsible person who can manage the risk and safety of persons requiring access. If you need to access the central bed please contact the Parish council or Cllr Nick Reynolds