Dickens Boulevard closed for up to three days next week

Road closed sign

A reminder that Dickens Boulevard will be closed to through traffic from Kipling Crescent and the Palmerston Way/Bronte Avenue roundabout for three days next week, starting on Monday, to allow traffic calming measures to be installed at the Nightingale Way and Disraeli Place footpaths.

Concerns were expressed sometime ago as to the blind spot for pedestrians crossing the road at this point. Parked vehicles cause this to be a blind spot and a child was hit when merging from between parked vehicles.

Fairfield Parish Council took this up at the time with CBC Highways and it was agreed to build a tactile crossing at this point.

Budgetary constraints at CBC has delayed this work but it is now going ahead. During that period the road will be closed between those two points other than for access and traffic will be diverted around Bronte Avenue.

With all the recent traffic closures this may bring a sigh, but if it makes our roads safer for young and old alike then the three-day closure will have been worthwhile.