Decision on Complaint Made Against Five Councillors


A formal complaint against five Parish Councillors made by the four Directors of Fairfield Hall Management Company, and sent via their solicitors, has been dismissed at the initial assessment stage following a 10-month inquiry by an Independent Person appointed by Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) and the Interim Monitoring Officer for CBC

The complaints were received by CBC on January 26th 2018 and 1st February 2018 named Cllrs Bidwell, Dack, Daffarn, Hanks and Milliken. The allegations claimed Councillors handling of the Right of Way of Kingsley Avenue had breached the Council’s code of conduct. Further complaints were also made against the Chairman Cllr Bidwell, alleging that he had breached the code by making misleading and inaccurate information on several occasions concerning land at Fairfield Hall.

However, after considering all the written evidence submitted by both sides the Independent Person has advised all Councillors that there does not appear to have been any breaches of the code by the five Councillors and that there should be no further action taken against them.

The CBC Monitoring Officer for Town and Parish Councils has concurred and agreed that no further action should be taken.

A copy of the decision can be downloaded here.

Legal Costs: None of the five Councillors named sought legal advice and there are no costs to Fairfield taxpayers in this regard. However, as the matter involved five out of the seven elected councillors, at the time the clerk to the council sought legal advice as to how an adverse decision would affect the running of the Council. These costs amounted to £4,400 plus VAT and has been agreed by full council. FHMC were responsible for their own legal costs.