Fairfield Parish Council

Meeting Dates

Fairfield Parish Council meets on the second Wednesday of every month, except for August, at 7:00 pm (unless specified otherwise) when planning applications are the first item.  

Meetings are held in the Community Hall.

The next meeting dates are as follows: –

Wednesday 12th June 2024
Wednesday 10th July 2024
Wednesday 11th September 2024
Wednesday 9th October 2024
Wednesday 13th November 2024
Wednesday 11th December 2024
Wednesday 15th January 2025
Wednesday 12th February 2025
Wednesday 12th March 2025
Wednesday 9th April 2025
Wednesday 14th May 2025

APM date to be set between 1st March and 1st June 2025.

If you wish to address the Council on any issue on the agenda there is a public participation session where 15 minutes is allotted for this purpose. Each speaker is allowed three minutes to make their point. If you wish to speak at the meeting it is necessary to complete a form to be emailed to the clerk 24 hours prior to the meeting.

This form can be downloaded here.

Two Councillors will be present earlier (in the meeting room at the Community Hall) from 6.45 pm to 7.00 pm for a surgery that allows electors to go along and discuss in detail any concerns or issues they have.

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