Penny Daffarn

I have been a parish councillor since the Fairfield Council was formed in 2013.

I am retired, so am more able to offer time and energy to our parish, and thereby contribute to the growth of this amazing place.  If re-elected I will continue to work towards improving our facilities, environment and community spirit.

During my time on the council I have been an active and hands-on member, my main concerns and contribution being the outdoors, and especially the orchards.  I play a lead role in rescuing the fruit trees from what many thought was terminal decay.  Along with my husband and our trusty band of volunteers, we organise the successful annual Apple Days.  I represented the council on the group designing the Orchard Nature Trail, and I remain the council’s member on the Etonbury Green Wheel committee.

Until last year, I had sole responsibility for the Christmas lights in the Urban Park, overseeing a gradual increase in the quality and quantity of the displays (always mindful of budget constraints).  I chaired the committee that planned and delivered the WW1 event in November.  Fairfield Matters newsletter is another of my interests; for several years I have been on the editorial and delivery teams.

As well as my parish involvements, I spend a lot of time giving (grand) childcare, so I am acutely conscious of the concerns of the younger age groups in our community.

Apart from all that, I walk, cycle, enjoy going to the gym and taking active holidays.