DACK, Barrie Edward

Barrie Dack

Fairfield has a great community feel and it’s the friendliest place I have lived.

But there is more to do. I have been a member of the council since it was formed in April 2013 and am a past chairman.

In that time we have safeguarded our green spaces as far as possible. We have used Government Legislation for the ‘Right to Bid’ and through the Green Infrastructure policies of our Neighbourhood Plan.

Developers/Investment companies are desperately searching for sites and I will be far happier if we can wrest away all community greenspaces from their hands and put their destiny and ownership into those of the parish council. This will make them far more secure and allow them to be developed into facilities for the community as a whole.

It is important also that we fight to keep the greenspace that surrounds Fairfield which could be under threat from the housing proposals for land known as East of Arlesey.

Visitors marvel at our facilities for the very young. But there is precious little for children over 12 and even less for those over 21. I will continue to argue and campaign to provide facilities for all

As a retired journalist, I have covered meetings from Parish Council to Parliament. In that time I have seen communities at all levels forced into strife and division by the ideology of individuals. If elected, I will continue to fight efforts to avoid this and remain as one community.