COVID-19 Update

We are monitoring the evolving of the Covid-19 virus and will be keeping you all informed when the matter concerns local action.

Residents have queried whether the Phone box library should be closed for a while. However, the advice given to us is that we should all remain calm and take no action other than the overall advice to keep washing hands! It is worth noting that none of the local libraries have closed.

Overall the national body to set up to deal with all forms of disasters is providing all members with regular advice. This is passed down to us via Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC).

The Key messages / activities so far

  1. The Government main advice is for all of us to keep washing our hands.
  2. People can keep up to date with the situation as it changes by using the NHS website at the link shown in the top right box as well as the Government website at:
  3. Useful information can also be found on the Public Health Matters Blog produced by Public Health England: