Changes to school places allocation

Fairfield Lower School

The building of a second Fairfield Park Lower School has led Central Bedfordshire Council to propose alterations into the way school places are allocated for Fairfield village.

Currently the straight line measuring point goes from outside the school gates and is then decided as follows:-

The pupil’s home address will be measured in a straight line to a designated measuring point on the school’s site, with those living closer having priority for a place. Because of the size and layout of school sites, each school has to have a designated measuring point, which is often the main access door to the main school building. These criteria would be used when, for example, a school with 60 places received 80 applications requiring a place and 2 applications were for ‘looked after’ children and 10 met the sibling criterion, 48 would then need to be ranked according to their distance from the school. This would result in 12 applicants who lived further away being declined a place at the school in order to keep within the published admission number of the school.

New measuring point for Fairfield

 The new proposal involves moving the designated measuring point for admission to the school from the main entrance of the Dickens Boulevard site to the halfway point between the school’s two sites. Creation of priority areas within the catchment area of Fairfield Park Lower School; to determine at which school site a catchment child would be allocated a place if their application is successful.

This is shown in two maps that can be downloaded here.

A consultation is now in progress and continues until December 2, 2016. The consultation can be viewed by following this link.

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