CBC Witness Statements

January 10, 2017

I have spoken to CBC (Jane Mann).

These statements form a very important part of the case should CBC take legal action against AW. Therefore the content of each statement needs to be factual and if possible supported by evidence. if you have copies of your diary sheet(s) please use them as part of your statement. If you have not kept copies you can request them from CBC.

Each statement must be yours, and not taken from other residents.

It must contain your Name, address and how long you have lived on Fairfield. Your location to the AW site, how the odor has impacted on you and your family environment. If you have had to change the way you use your home and garden.
Each statement should contain the following information and be factual in its content.

The layout should be clear, with a space and a half between each line, in paragraphs and concise.
The structure:
Clear, Logical, Facts separated from assumptions/opinions/belief..


  • Identified issues
  • Identified facts/evidence in support
  • Avoid assumptions/inference

All alterations HAVE to be initialled.

(Diary Sheets) kept separate, Properly Labelled (numbered) Properly referred to.

CBC cannot write these statements for you, they are yours and need to be in your words. The more information and supporting diary sheet (times and dates) you can include and the more factual evidence you can supply the better the statement will be seen and read by the court. Statements which appear confusing and with little or no structure will be the ones to be challenged by AW defense Council, which could weaken the case CBC have.

Cllr Chris Bidwell

Last modified: January 10, 2017

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