CBC Orders Clean up of St Luke’s Church

Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) have today issued an enforcement notice on the owner of St Lukes Chapel ordering him to clear up the outside of the building.

This follows pressure from both ourselves (Fairfield Parish Council) and our CBC Ward Councillors. Numerous residents have also complained.

The owner has until November 3 to appeal against the notice. If he does not, it takes effect from November 4.

The order demands the following:

  1. Remove the RSJ’s, wood, bollards, tyre, ton bags, piping, guttering, acro props, metal hoarding boards and other building materials from the Land
  2. Remove the skip and its contents from the land.
  3. Move the masonry currently stored outside on the land to the inside of the building or from the land entirely.
  4. Replace or repair slipped or cracked roof slates.
  5. Repair the glass and lead in the window in the West elevation above, to the left of the main entrance so that it matches the existing in both materials and design.
  6. Sand and paint the external double doors in the tower in a colour to match the existing paint.
  7. Repair or replace the lead in the gable end.
  8. Remove the vegetation that is growing up the external walls and windows of the building.
  9. Trim the tree branches that are touching the building so that they no longer touch it.
  10. Clean the gutters and downpipes.
  11. Repair or replace broken and missing downpjpes -with materials to match the existing.
  12. Replace missing downpipes
  13. Repair guttering that is discharging onto the ground

Points 1-3 must be completed within one months and the remainder within three months