The new odour control unit

Anglian Water Video on New Works

Anglian Water has released their video telling of the work they have undergone to control the smell that has blighted lives on Fairfield for far too long. The work is now complete and the new system in operation. FPC’s technical advisor, Derek Manning, explains in the video what has been done and why he is […]

The new odour control unit

New Odour Control System Now In Operation

Work is now complete on the improvements to the Letchworth Water Recycling Treatment Works that will, hopefully, control the smell that has blighted lives for many on Fairfield. The new Odour Control system is now in operation. However, Central Bedfordshire Council Environmental Enforcement team intend to keep the Abatement Notice in place until late summer […]

Small version of survey points

Anglian Water name monitoring points on Fairfield

Anglian Water are now monitoring odour from several points all over Fairfield. The 27 points are shown in the map above. For anyone wanting a large version for their own use this can be downloaded here. Meanwhile work is continuing apace on permanent solutions to solve the issue that has been blighting many residents for […]

Picture of water treatment centre

New smell to blight us! Plus latest from Anglian Water

Beware! There is a new smell that is affecting the eastern fringes of Fairfield Several people have been reporting a “different”, but still unpleasant smell on Fairfield. This has been noticeable around and from the A507 roundabout down to Eliot Way. Fairfield Parish Council’s consultant, Derek Manning, has tracked this down to the Biogen Food […]

Picture of water treatment centre

Anglian water Update and latest newsletter

Anglian Water are continuing to work on new working practices to eliminate the stench that has blighted lives on Fairfield. At an update meeting this week, FPC was informed that the three exposed tanks have been emptied and cleaned and that they are now awaiting delivery of the permanent covers and the odour control equipment […]

Picture of water treatment centre

Anglian Water Video Update

Anglian Water have produced the following video explaining the work they are carrying out at the Letchworth Recycling Works to abate the stench that has been blighting the lives of residents for the past 18 months. Facebook users may have to open the post to view the video from the FPC website.

Picture of water treatment centre

Work to control smell progressing

Anglian Water have today confirmed that the three uncovered tanks have now been emptied and cleaned, as can be seen from the pictures alongside and below. The  water show in one of the tanks is rainwater that has accumulated through the weather but which is in the process of being cleared. The uncovered tanks have […]

Picture of water treatment centre

Video being made of the new proposals

Derek Manning the FPC representative and expert has been asked by Peter Simpson CEO of Anglian Water to help make a short video at the Letchworth site with Neil the site manager. Both will explain how the new works are progressing and how it will reduce the odour problems. The video will be on the […]

Picture of water treatment centre

AW Officials fail to answer residents questions

Anglian Water officials faced strong and tough questioning when they met with residents prior to the July Parish Council meeting. And the mood became more angry as the officers either failed to answer directly, or could not answer, the basic questions asked. Head of Public Affairs, Chris Hayton, made a presentation in which he went […]