Chris Bidwell

Chairman’s Report

Welcome to the Annual Parish Meeting of Fairfield Parish Council. I am Chris Bidwell a Fairfield Parish Councillor and Chairperson of the parish council. I shall be speaking about some of the important issues the parish council has dealt with, and what they are hoping to deliver in the coming years. Some of these issues […]

Alistair Burt

The Rt Hon Alistair Burt

Many thanks for offering me the opportunity to report back to you on my activities specifically on the parishes behalf whilst being your MP between 2015-to this week. I intend therefore to discuss what I have done as MP, and not to take advantage of you for a lengthy candidate’s speech, though it would be […]

Annual Report Finance 2016-2017

Fairfield Parish Council employs the Parish Clerk as its Responsible Financial Officer. The budget was set by Councillors in December for the following financial year and it is at this time that Councillors consider financing future and ongoing projects. The annual accounts were agreed at the parish council meeting held on 20th April 2017 after […]